Custom Steel Stairway, Boulder, CO

Posted on June 07th, 2012 in Architectural

This project was a collaborative effort with the Concrete Jungle and exemplifies the beauty of mixed media.  Combining steel, concrete and wood in a tasteful and elegant design these stairs accomplish grace through attention to detail.  A gentle curve from top to bottom on the outside of the stairs and the open feel from cleverly placed steel supports hints toward the the deep thought and engineering required for this piece.  Each staircase weighs in at about a ton and spans twenty feet, using a single six inch square tube as support.  The handrail supports wrap around the stairs in such a way that they use six feet worth of tubing making precision layout and fabrication a challenge.  All the hand cast treads have a subtle pattern set in the leading edge for traction and aesthetics while the back of the tread has a lip to maintain building code tolerances that fit with the low profile look.