DESIGN     Design is the foundation of our work. We’re problem solvers who work with our clients, using our skill as artists and inventors, to discover solutions to their often knotty design puzzles. We’ve designed a variety of items for architectural use, such as the one pictured here, a decorative security door. Others include: stairways, handrails, doors, cabinet doors, fire pits, and fountains. Working with The Colorado Springs Utilities, we designed and installed an interactive display that uses computer controlled light and sound to educate people about water use. We collaborate with diverse clients, from those who need our help developing their idea to others who arrive with detailed plans and specifications.  Typical materials include metals,  woods, concrete, glass and plastics, electricity, and electronics.


FABRICATION    At NOD&F fabrication finds broad application. For example, we’ve created and installed custom lights, including this “Nosh Beacon.”  The Nosh Beacon is typical project for us because it solved a problem (Draw attention to a business buried in a nondescript commercial space.), using art and technology. (It’s a two-foot tall cylinder constructed of metal and Plexiglas that is visible from space, not to mention from down the block). Once we’ve developed a design, we often build and install our clients’ custom creations.


Browse “Our Work” for inspiration, and think of us for your creative dreams and solutions.